Check out oneNDA powered by QuickDocs. International standard for NDA became fully self-serve.

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Check out oneNDA powered by QuickDocs. International standard for NDA became fully self-serve.

See how it works

AXDRAFT for banks

Banks use AXDRAFT to book loans faster. By designing a mistake-free, automated process for front office managers to prepare the first draft of loan agreements and related documents with AXDRAFT, banks can dramatically reduce time spent on additional document review and shorten approval cycles for the loan.
Documents you can automate
Retail lending documents
Loan Agreements
Master Service Agreements
Financial leasing contract
Corporate lending documents
Employment contracts
Procurement contracts
Sales Agreements
Service Agreements
Get it done with AXDRAFT
Accelerate loan granting
Spend minutes instead of hours drafting documents and modifying clauses with AXDRAFT. Our platform makes document distribution easier and allows for timely contract reviews and approval, which helps your bank secure more deals.
Eliminate the need for in-person visits
Our contract lifecycle management software allows for remote banking operations. Draft documents, and send them to clients for data fill in. By integrating local registries and valid e-signature tools, the entire process takes minutes and without having to meet your clients in person.
Manage contractual obligations
AXDRAFT offers smart storage and search features that let banks organize documents in logical bundles, track key contract deliverables, and take action to extend contract lifespan. Ensure regional and industry compliance by keeping all documents within reach.
Leverage data security
AXDRAFT protects data by encrypting and safeguarding it against data breaches on our platform. Sensitive information will no longer be compromised across emails or shared folders.
Track department performance
By unifying contract management processes within a company, banks can receive full visibility and can track the dynamics across specific department or region using the built-in analytics in AXDRAFT. This can determine both the strategic focus, and the marketing background for banks to employ in their operations.
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Getting through my tasks has become times easier and quicker now that our team is using AXDRAFT. You no longer have to be afraid of missing out on something or consult a bunch of documents to finish your own documents, it's all right there in the system.
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