Check out oneNDA powered by QuickDocs. International standard for NDA became fully self-serve.

See how it works

Check out oneNDA powered by QuickDocs. International standard for NDA became fully self-serve.

See how it works
Focus on work that makes your team better. Automate the rest.
AXDRAFT is a document automation software that liberates legal and business teams of routine drafting work, unravels the true value of a legal department, and helps companies grow, scale, and thrive.
Let contracts propel business growth, not block it
Enjoy document management with zero friction
With AXDRAFT, contracts go through any lifecycle stage 80% faster.

The best part? You can build your own AXDRAFT!
This means that you are free to choose whether you want document automation only, or would like AXDRAFT to take care of the entire contract lifecycle for you.
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Template authoring
Go get a cup of coffee
That's right, you can sit back and relax, because the AXDRAFT team will roll out all templates for you in 2 weeks.
All you need to do is provide the documents you want automated, and we'll cover the rest. We will analyze your documents for patterns, create custom workflows, and make sure your templates are error-free and match your corporate style. Because there are better things to do than DIY onboarding.
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Document Drafting
Just fill in the questionnaire
All document alterations are built into your templates, so you just answer a few simple questions to draft your contract. What used to take hours, now takes less than 5 minutes.
Draft legal documents of any length or complexity
Get full control of your documents with a live preview
Structure your work into projects for extra visibility
Enjoy more flexibility with pre-built clause playbooks
Get your clients to share the necessary info without delays
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Trust your business teams
We know you have better things to do than spend hours fixing errors in legal documents that were created by non-lawyers. With AXDRAFT, you can step in only when necessary, and ensure you deliver the right contracts.
Minimize room for errors by pre-approving all legal templates
Avoid redundant work by getting involved at the right stage in the workflow
Get instant notifications when your attention is needed
Store historic contract data to access in one click later
Assign any metadata to easily find and analyze your contracts
Unlock the new way of working
Direct legal team effort at legal tasks
Focus on meaningful work knowing that business teams will deliver pitchperfect error-free documents without needing your routine legal review
Get a dedicated partner in AXDRAFT
With AXDRAFT, you don't just get software. You get a team of legal and tech-savvy experts ready to step in and help you solve any problem related to your contract management processes.
Maximize on the value of contracts
Never compromise business growth by missing obligations or due dates, or getting legal spend out of hand. AXDRAFT will remind you about all the important contract deliverables. Several times.
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A few perks AXDRAFT users love
Automation in any language
Draft legal documents in a language your clients know and use.
Under-the-hood velocity
AXDRAFT uses a powerful AI automation engine that trains as you work. This allows for processing 100-page documents in seconds.
Data integration
We pull data from public registers and your internal databases directly into your document in seconds. AXDRAFT is connected to corporate registries in the United States and 42 other countries.
Simplify the text of your documents
So that non-legal teams don't miss on the context, we use GPT-3 technology to decode legal language into a simpler one
Flexible pricing, seat-based or volume-based
You can choose the convenient model and only pay for the volume of generated documents and the features you need, or for the number of users. No hidden fees, confusing options, or extra seats that no one ever uses.
Generate, negotiate, and sign documents any place, anytime. We made sure AXDRAFT's document management software works perfectly from any device.
Your customers expect excellence. Let your contracts speak it.
Our demo takes an average of 57 seconds and you will receive a perfect NDA. That's how fast you can draft all your documents, too.
Your data is safe with us
SOC-2 certification
TLS 1.2+ and AES-256 data encryption
Cloud-based deployment
Automation results
With AXDRAFT you can spend less time proofreading and drafting routine documents and focus on real work. If you are tired of constant requests from business people to prepare an NDA or a services agreement, try AXDRAFT and we will solve it for you.See our results for yourself.

SaaS agreement

Before AXD30 minAfter AXD6 min
Time saved  🔥24 min


Before AXD30 minAfter AXD2 min
Time saved  🔥28 min

Services Agreement

Before AXD40 minAfter AXD3 min
Time saved  🔥37 min


Before AXD60 minAfter AXD6 min
Time saved  🔥54 min

Sales agreement

Before AXD15 minAfter AXD3 min
Time saved  🔥12 min
Before AXD
After AXD
Time saved  🔥
SaaS agreement
30 min
6 min
24 min
30 min
2 min
28 min
Services Agreement
40 min
3 min
37 min
60 min
6 min
54 min
Sales agreement
15 min
3 min
12 min
Who is AXDRAFT for?
Law firms
Automate your legal document drafting and focus on and delivering unparalleled and versed legal support
Create self-served documentation for smooth client and employee onboarding
Get to clinical trials and FDA approval faster by removing legal roadblocks
Empower your sales, marketing, and procurement teams to close deals in no time
Property Management
Improve the performance of your property and scale your business with automated legal agreements
Process loans faster, shorten loan approval cycle, and reduce the service time needed for each client
AXDRAFT can be seamlessly integrated into your technology stack, ensuring data integrity and availability. This makes your workflows more intuitive, efficient, and satisfying.
Get your contracts signed without leaving AXDRAFT via integration with DocuSign, AdobeSign, or any other online signature software you prefer
Slack is where work happens, and AXDRAFT makes sure that you get actionable updates about the progress of your documents in Slack.
AXDRAFT offers you a smooth and secure single sign-on experience through our integration with Okta.
Streamline your client work by connecting your contracts to the people involved in the document management process through the integration with CRM systems, such as Salesforce or Pipedrive
Cloud Management
Bridge your existing business processes with AXDRAFT workflows. Our document automation software supports Box cloud services to enhance your work at any point.
Are we missing something? Please let us know and we will make sure AXDRAFT is well-integrated into your current workflow.
We can be biased, so don't take our word for granted
reviews: 4.9/5
Axdraft has a very responsive and intuitive system interface that all of our team could easily get a grip on. Their support service is remarkable, as the team is super friendly and our manager is always there for us once we have any questions. They are also very flexible in their functionality customization, as whenever we had a pressing need for a missing feature, it was quickly built and available for us to use.
Maria S.
Innovation manager
legal documents drafted
Free over 40% of a work week for meaningful tasks
hours saved
$4.5+ million saved
happy users
Let us show you what your legal work will look like with AXDRAFT
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