Draft documents 70% faster

Avoid mistakes. Delegate more to business teams. Get results in two weeks.

Seamless onboarding. Live in 2 weeks

AXDRAFT offers tailored automation of templates according to your needs. Forget about the pain of do-it-yourself onboarding and months-long set-up. We analyze your documents for patterns, and in just two weeks, launch an automated document drafting and approval process customized to your company.

Live preview

With AXDRAFT, you can create documents by answering simple questions. Thanks to the live preview feature, you can control the input information and see your answers altering the document in real-time. You control the process. We help you get things done faster.

Real-time collaboration and approval

No more back-and-forth emails and hidden redlines. AXDRAFT allows you to collaborate internally with real-time redline, approvals, and complete version control. Invite vendors and customers to collaborate on legal documents without them having to register as AXDRAFT users.

And a few more useful things...


AXDRAFT offers visibility into your contract data, notifications on expiring deadlines and upcoming renewals, as well as insights into the personal efficiency of each employee. We give you more data in a structured and visually appealing format so that you can make better managerial decisions faster.

Automation in any language

AXDRAFT automates document creation in any language, including bilingual documents. If you are an international corporation looking for a global solution, AXDRAFT will make sure that all your offices get automated documents and interfaces in the language they know and use.


AXDRAFT allows you to store and search for different versions of documents. But if you prefer your existing file storage, you can easily upload AXDRAFT documents to it in the MS Word or PDF formats.

How it works?

Pick a document
Answer a few questions
Enter the necessary data
Get your document  🎉

Automation results

With AXDRAFT, you spend less time proofreading and drafting routine documents, which allows you to focus on actual work. If you are tired of the constant requests to prepare an NDA or a services agreement, try AXDRAFT, and we will save you the trouble.See our results yourself

SaaS agreement

Before AXD30 minAfter AXD6 min
Time saved  🔥24 min


Before AXD30 minAfter AXD2 min
Time saved  🔥28 min

Services Agreement

Before AXD40 minAfter AXD3 min
Time saved  🔥37 min


Before AXD60 minAfter AXD6 min
Time saved  🔥54 min

Sales agreement

Before AXD15 minAfter AXD3 min
Time saved  🔥12 min
Before AXD
After AXD
Time saved  🔥
SaaS agreement
30 min
6 min
24 min
30 min
2 min
28 min
Services Agreement
40 min
3 min
37 min
60 min
6 min
54 min
Sales agreement
15 min
3 min
12 min

Real time data integration

AXDRAFT integrates data from public registers and your internal databases directly into your document in seconds. We are connected to corporate registers in the United States and 42 other countries. With AXDRAFT, you’ll have fewer manual inputs and more accurate, up-to-date data.
AXDRAFT integrates with DocuSign or any other e-sign provider you prefer.
Slack is where work happens, and AXDRAFT makes sure that you get actionable updates about the progress of your documents in Slack.
Single Sign-On
AXDRAFT offers you a smooth and secure single sign-on experience through our integration with Okta.
Are we missing something? Please let us know and we will make sure AXDRAFT is well-integrated into your current workflow.
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